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Early Autism Project (EAP), Inc., offers the highest quality of intensive, research-based behavioral treatment for children and young adults between the ages of 20 months and 21 years with autism spectrum and related disorders. EAP provides comprehensive services to children and their families in their homes, in EAP clinics and in schools and on or near military bases throughout the country.

EAP is a leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, which is widely recognized as an effective, evidence-based treatment for autism and is endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General and American Academy of Pediatrics as the treatment of choice for autism. ABA therapy is covered by many private and government insurance providers.

Working in close collaboration with parents and education professionals, EAP develops customized ABA therapy programs and equips each child’s home, clinic or school team with the training and supervision necessary for high-quality, consistent teaching and behavioral intervention. For more than 10 years, EAP has offered intensive, research-based behavioral treatment that yields best outcomes for children.

Chatham County Living Magazine: Ava's Law and Early Autism Project 

Ava Bullard on the cover of Chatham County Living MagazineThis mother leads the fight to get the help her daughter so desperately needed which has become a platform for all of Georgia’s children who are handed the blow of an Autism diagnosis. 

We didn’t raise our children around a table of political debate. Family meals were filled with simple stories about life in the south often spiced up and stretched as far as possible for extra flavor. Until November 6, 2006, we might have been able to keep right on saying politics wasn’t our thing. But the day my granddaughter Ava was diagnosed with autism, politics came to the table. Like getting a draft notice in the mail, we’d been called to the front lines. Autism was our battle now. Read the full article here >> 

Early Autism Project featured in People Magazine: How Helping a Son with Autism Transformed One Woman's Life

Susan and Collin ButlerWhen Susan Butler found out her son, Collin Butler, was diagnosed with autism, she was heartbroken. 

The news no parent wants to hear set her on a path to help Collin, as well as other kids like him, achieve what seemed impossible. 

Susan brought Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), an effective way to treat young people with autism, to South Carolina, through the South Carolina Early Autism Project, which she started with Collin's preschool teacher, Ann Eldridge, in 1996. The organization offers individualized research-based treatment to thousands of children and young adults from 20 months to 21 years old. 

"To see the transformation of so many kids that we work with reminds me how far we've come as an organization," Susan tells PEOPLE. Read the full article here >> 

The Sumter Item: Autism program's inspiration now a master of foreign languages

As Collin Butler walked across the stage at the University of South Carolina's December graduation, he carried with him the hopes of thousands of parents who dream their children with autism can follow in his footsteps.

Collin didn't feel that weight on his shoulders. He just walked across the stage like all of the other graduates and shook a few hands. But as he made the trip, nearly 30 people in the audience broke the rules and cheered. Read the full article here >>

Mount Pleasant Magazine: Summer Can be Fun for Children with Autism

For many Lowcountry families, vacations, summer camps and sports leagues are among the kid-friendly options once summer arrives and the colder days of winter are not much more than a distant memory. But for families who have a child with autism, finding the right activities to fill the summer months can be a difficult challenge. Read the full article here >>

News Release: Early Autism Project Opens Rock Hill Clinic

Rock Hill, S.C. (March 28, 2014) --Early Autism Project, Inc., (EAP), today announced it will open a clinic in Rock Hill to provide local families the highest quality of intensive, research-based behavioral treatment for children and young adults ages 20 months to 21 years with autism spectrum and related disorders. 

The clinic is located at 2460 India Hook Rd, Ste. 104 and 105 under the direction of Spencer Ramsey, an experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and is accepting new clients. Read the full news release here >>

News Release: Early Autism Project Opens Tampa Clinic

Clinic provides children with autism spectrum and related disorders with effective, evidence-based treatment

Tampa, Fla. March 26, 2014 -- Early Autism Project (EAP), Inc., today announced it is accepting clients for its new clinic, which will open in early June at 3217 S. MacDill Ave. EAP offers the highest quality of intensive, research-based behavioral treatment for children and young adults between the ages of 20 months and 21 years with autism spectrum and related disorders. Read the full news release here >>

WSAV-TV: Lyons Mom Keeps Pushing for Ava’s Law

Ava Bullard

 Atlanta, Georgia - A Lyons, Georgia mother who WSAV introduced you to last year is taking her fight for Autism Insurance back to the state capitol this year. This time Anna Bullard has strong support from some lawmakers.

The Senate and House sponsors of Ava's Law said they will press forward for passage of the Autism Insurance Reform Bill. Read the full article here >>

"Navigating Autism: A Mother’s Story" by EAP's Julie Reyes

They say that if you’ve seen one child who has autism, well, you’ve seen one child who has autism. While each child is unique, families with children who have autism share common challenges, goals and dreams – and they overcome obstacles in their own unique way. We are one of those families.

My son, Christian, is among the one of every 54 boys who has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We’re a military family, always moving, adapting and prepared for anything. However, there was no way to prepare for Christian’s autism diagnosis.
Read the full article here >>

News19-TV: $10,000 Donation Made to Midlands Autism Foundation Winston's Wish

"Ann Eldridge and Susan Butler have been working with Winston since he was diagnosed through Early Autism Project, and without them, my son would not be where he is today." ~Marcella Ridley

Ava's Law: EAP Mom Advocates for Autism Insurance in Georgia

We invite you to meet eight-year-old Ava Bullard and her mother, Anna Bullard. In this video, Ms. Bullard describes her feelings upon learning Ava has autism. When Ava received her diagnosis at age two, Ms. Bullard was told her little girl would never be able to speak – even to say the word “mama.”

“I felt like I didn’t know Ava and Ava didn’t know me,” Ms. Bullard said.

Her search for scientifically proven treatment led Ms. Bullard to Early Autism Project, whose therapists began providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to Ava when she was two years old. Ava’s mother saw improvement within two weeks. Today, Ava is a third-grader in a general education classroom in Lyons, Ga., who no longer requires intensive treatment. She participates in one ABA session a week to practice social skills.

Ms. Bullard is a powerful advocate for families of children who have autism. “Ava’s Law,” which would require insurance companies to pay for “evidence-based treatment” such as ABA is being considered by the Georgia Legislature, which is scheduled to vote on the legislation in January 2014.

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